A Story (In Short)

I remember a little show on Tech TV (that’s right, before that channel called G4 took over) called Cheat! The show condensed down much of what is contained in those walkthrough books into easily digestible television viewing. Even if I didn’t have the game, you can imagine that if the game was decently new that I knew more than a little bit of the background/tricks/cheats to the game. Mind you, this wasn’t about hacking systems, these were just things that were (or would eventually be) common knowledge for that game. The show was just fun to watch, in a geeky sort of way.

When G4 took over the network, many shows that I had loved from Tech got chopped, including Cheat! The show got turned into a small clip on X-Play, before disappearing completely. So goes the fate of so many shows…

That last bit was more for history sake than story sake, by the way. What I do remember from the show were the bits and pieces that they would pull up from World of Warcraft, as the host was one among the millions playing the game. The first show was right before Burning Crusade came out, the second was directly following the release. The first one was talking about a female gnome that had played long enough to grind the reputation up to get herself a horse mount, which I can imagine would be rather annoying and long prospect at level 60 and not being able to run certain instances alone to horde up stacks of Runecloth. That grind to Exalted for factions other than your own has only gotten slightly easier, but no less annoying.

The second show was about the Coilfang Instances. Watching the show before actually playing the game made me more than slightly confused and turned around seeing how serpentine and crazy the instances were, trying to figure out one mob and boss from the other. I just didn’t understand the allure that such a place would have for people.

However, I still got the point that it was all in fun and looking for a good time that put people do playing the game, just like any other game out there. The show would talk about players, what they had accomplished, and would ask for you to contact them if you had found ‘secret’ quests and the sort. I do wish that the show was still around, not because I don’t know things about the game, but because it’s fun now to sit back and take a look at how other people see it.

By the way…I still get lost in the Coilfang instances. Don’t know what it is, I could just be that bad reading mini maps!

Note: After typing this up, I had the luck of finding a site with one of the clips that I was talking about, the one with the Gnome, who not only did the grind for Stormwind rep, but also Darnassus rep to get one of the Night Sabers. It would also seem that they are still doing clips for the website, though they (to the best of my knowledge) are not being shown on the channel itself.


~ by Micathius on January 2, 2010.

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