Faction Choice and Reasons Why

So, now we start to rip into the real meat of the game, and possibly the first choice you have to make when starting your journey into World of Warcraft. There is a lot that goes into Faction choice, and there’s no saying that your choices will be anything like my choices. Here are some thoughts though, some more than I really thought of when I began.

  • Server: Server can have a huge factor on choosing a side that you want to play on. Since there are only two sides, it could be left up to a coin flip, but there are people who would like to put a little more into it. On the server I decided to play on, it seems that for the most part the Alliance side is being played by ten year olds that only want to be demeaning to each other. That isn’t my idea of a good time. On the flip side, even though the Horde side feels more ‘mature,’ that doesn’t mean that they are above asshattery. Trust me, that’s going to happen no matter which side you’re on. You just have to see how each faction is being played by server, some are better than others.
  • Lore: I will always argue strongly for the side of the Horde, but that’s because I’m a Horde nut. However, before you give me the guff that the Horde are the ‘bad’ guys, take a look at the Lore behind the stories. No one is really good or bad, as a faction. Either side has done great and horrible things, but it wouldn’t be ‘War’craft without a bit of friction thrown in the gears. Yes, Horde may be made of Trolls and Orcs and such, but look at who the two main advertised villains have been for The Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Litch King. That would be a Night Elf (former, I know) and a Human, respectively. (Lore is the one thing that I would have parents look at before telling their pre-teens that they have to play as Alli, just because they look human doesn’t mean they are all that is good and holy with the world.)
  • Race and Class: When I started playing, I already knew what race I wanted to play, and that was part of the reason I ended up picking what I did. Horde are very much the misfits, and don’t get me started on the Alliance getting Worgen in the next expansion. Then again, both sides really have races that are out of place thanks to The Burning Crusade. Race and Class used to be more of a factor in Vanilla WoW, but with more Races getting classes only previously offered to one faction or the other, it’s not as big of a question as it was before. Alliance has Shaman now, and Horde have Paladins, along with Cataclysm bringing even more races with cross-classes, it will be even less of an issue.
  • Friends and Social Aspect: Another one of the reasons I got to playing in the first place was because I knew people who played. Of course, if you want to play with them, then you’re going to have to be on the same side. Although I think I would have gone nuts if they had all played Alliance, I think I would have dealt with it just so I could play with them. Heaven forbid you play an MMO and not actually interact with anyone.

I asked someone in my guild what he had considered when choosing what faction he wanted to play when he started playing. His first comment was, “Why play a human when I play one in real life?” I enjoy his humor, and I can agree with the feeling. Whatever the case, here’s to more happy playing, though we will all be probably killing each other shortly!


~ by Micathius on January 3, 2010.

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