By The Way…

If anyone has any interest in looking me up on World of Warcraft, I am currently playing mostly on Shadowsong. This may or may not change when Cataclysm hits, but for now that is where I call home. I play mostly Horde, but I do plan to have at least one Worgen on the server. If anyone knows me personally, they should know that that isn’t really such a large surprise.

Micathius – 80 Shaman

Dagmantis – 80 Death Knight

Akuryuu – 80 Druid

Mattaus – 80 Paladin

Draktherion – 80 Hunter

Walterkovacs – 21 Rogue

Richardbane – 12 Warlock

All of the above are Hordies. When I find out more about Cataclysm plans, I will post them. For now, I do have an Alli guild in the works, but it will be strictly Worgens, and played by Horde members. With the new changes coming to with RealID, I see little issue with keeping contact with regular guildmates from Horde side. If you would like to be in on this little experiment, or are interested in it, comment and I will see if I can get you more information.

Edit: A note about RealID. I found out right after posting this that Blizzard plans to release the update with patch 3.3.5, which should be out in the next few weeks. For those interested in friending up with me through that, I will probably do something about it on Facebook, I don’t want everyone’s e-mail addresses just out there for anyone to find.


~ by Micathius on June 15, 2010.

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