Respect Your Tanks!

So, I have spent far too much time away from this, when I vowed to write more often. With a move in the works, quitting my job shortly, life leads me to try to find other things to keep occupied. To that end, I have been working on characters that I haven’t played in a while.

I decided to start re-working my Death Knight, Dagmantis, into something that wouldn’t be so laughable. Trust me, he was in mostly questing blues when I started on him again. Now he’s not so terrible, but it will still be a while before he sees IceCrown. Granted, just getting Micathius, my enhancement/resto Shammy, through ICC 10 and 25 man on a weekly basis is a test of my sanity. His current guild has pretty much stopped raiding, which is why I joined them to begin with, so I have been pugging my services out to other guilds each week. We’ll talk about that later.

While working on gearing Dagmantis, a guildie kept bugging me for help. Usually I don’t mind such things, but he wanted me to break out my Druid tank so he could work on his horrible Death Knight. First off, he plays Frost DPS which is a bad idea when you’re running with a tank with gear of questionable threat ability. Secondly, I don’t think he has any idea what he thinks he’s doing. Frost may be all good and well for end content raids, where your tanks have 60k health and can pull threat back off of you in a heartbeat. This kid thought it was funny to constantly pull whatever mob I wasn’t focused on to see if I could rip the aggro back off of him. My poor bear is not so well equipped yet, even though I know tanks are now expected to hold aggro and top the DPS charts. Now hold on one second, are we really serious here? When did the tanks job turn into doing everything that the other party members are supposed to do?

This brings me to the next part of my rant. Gear Score, in the long run, doesn’t mean much but to those who have over 6k score, because obviously their epeen’s are the largest. All that says to me is that they have blood running somewhere other than to their brains. If people were smart, they would draw simple conclusions from the GS crap that is going on. High Score: Person has seen a lot of ICC, may or may not have been carried through it, but has great luck with loot rolls. Low Score: Either a new player, alt, or casual player that isn’t up for all the political non-sense that it takes to get into end content raiding. However, this being said, even a person with a high score can be a complete moron that knows nothing. Likewise, a low score could be a person that knows how to milk every ounce of potential from their gear, even if it’s not that great.

That being said, of course my little tank of just over 4k GS is not going to stand up to a 6.1k GS Mage who doesn’t know what it means to have an under geared tank. On the other hand, people should just know by now that you don’t run into a pug and instantly pump out 14k DPS before the tank pulls. Just not a smart idea in the long run. The moral of all of this nonsense? Be smart. In both of these cases, being the Frost DK and the Mage, I let them die. It wasn’t because the healer was bad, and not because I don’t know how to round up loose mobs, but because someone needed an eye opening. At one point, I told the healer to let them die. I have my job, they have theirs. I can see if it was something I did, but when this is all done on purpose just to piss people off, I don’t think anyone appreciates it. I have walked all sides, and I’m keeping to that opinion.

Yes, I have walked the paths of the ranged, the melee, the healer, and the tank. Perhaps that is why I think I see something more than the usual one or two toon player. End line: Respect your tanks, know your role, do what you do as a team player! There isn’t much more than that in the long run.

PS: With all the gear changes going on, I may have to make a new banner shortly. The DK is now in 232/245 gear, the Shammy in mostly 251/264 gear including 4/5 tier 10, currently working on the Pally, and of course the Druid won’t change much because he’s a bear. Would be humorous if something changed on him with the gear, but it just doesn’t work that way…’cept for the rocket booster packs in ICC. You owe it to yourself to see a bear wearing one of those…very funny stuff.


~ by Micathius on June 15, 2010.

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