New Update Schedule, Raid from the Heart, and Cataclysm!

First point of business: I’m going to force myself to update this at least three times a week to give myself a break from work. That does not mean that the posts will be coherent, but there will be at least three a week unless I feel like doing more. It may just happen, you never know. Along with this, I will probably start posting some of the workings towards the story I’ve been putting off for quite a while. I finished a condensed section for Blizzard’s annual writing competition a couple months ago, which I doubt got any attention what so ever, and have decided to expand it into a full project.

Second point of business: On Saturday, October 16th I joined in with a few people on server Kael’thas (pretty sure that’s how it’s spelled, too tired to double check it at the moment…) to participate in “Raid from the Heart.” I had heard about it from another wonderful blog,, this being the second cross-faction event he’s pulled together. This year, we all dressed in red with our hearted tabards and marched for Heart Disease awareness, and in rememberance of those lives who have been lost to it. I was very sleep deprived, but I managed to level up a clone of my Tauren Death Knight, Dagmantis, to join in on the fun. There were a few mishaps along the way, but it was a lot of fun regardless, and I am excited for whatever event is planned for next year.

Mug shot of Dagmantis during the 'Raid from the Heart' event.

The view from the water, Horde and Alliance showing love.

Waiting for L80ETC, or the artists formerly known as...

Third point: December 7th may or may not be the day that Deathwing erupts onto all of our servers. I say this only because when the Lich King attempted the same feat, the servers did indeed crash for a considerable amount of time. If you don’t have your copy pre-ordered, I would suggest doing so as I have a feeling they will be selling out rather quickly. With that being said, I will have my standard characters on Shadowsong (see previous post about my usual band of characters) plus at least one new addition, plus a hand full on Scarlet Crusade. Scarlet is a RP server, and will be where my main Worgen storylines will take place. As soon as I am safely able to get onto servers after release, I will start sign-ups for my Worgen guilds on both servers. Renegades Inc will be strictly Worgen only guilds, going after my current storyline of defectors from Gilneas and building on the above mentioned writing project. If anyone is interested in joining, drop me a line.

  • Daylonebon – Worgen Warrior on Shadowsong
  • Dagmantis – Worgen Death Knight on Scarlet Crusade
  • Daylon – Worgen Warrior on Scarlet Crusade

That about does it for now, I think.




~ by Micathius on October 21, 2010.

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