I managed to watch most of the broadcast this weekend from the comfort of my home, though it was a bit dampened by the fact that I had to work all weekend, but it has been fun regardless. Yesterday our broadcast was slightly off, and I should have expected the filler that Direct TV seems to like to spew out. Not that it wasn’t informational, it was just filler. I think my favorite part of Day One was the epic live raid that they set up with Paragon, the guild that beat the hell out of 25 man Lich King world first. It was interesting to see how the developers could play around with stats and such on the fly. They proved that they were up to the task, taking on the challenges in a trial and error fashion, but managed to get through most of the hairier encounters. They ended up getting mowed down on the Org ramparts by Deathwing himself, but of course no one is ready to challenge his metal.

What I saw of day two, had to love the cinematic for the Worgen and to finally see how that all round out in the opening few levels. Saw the Goblin one a few weeks ago, though I haven’t actually been able to play through the first levels. The team has done a great job so far, and I can’t wait until they next patches start rolling out. Honestly, if they would just settle down and make a cg movie, I think all of us would be really happy. It would only take them a decade to get it done, would it still be worth the wait? Also, Bruce Campbell as Illidan? I don’t think so, he’d have to be Leeroy and we all know it.

As for Tenacious D, the show has been good, and I’m still surprised that Blizzard asked them to play. Not censored either, who would have thunk it.

Instead of posting everything that happened within the twenty hours of broadcast that I have to me, I’ll just point everyone over to MMO-Champion who posted just about everything that happened for all three games. Needless to say, I’m looking forward to Diablo III.

One more note, our DVR is full of fail. Even though told to cancel everything else today and only record Blizzcon, it recorded everything but, and still says that it’s recording Blizzcon….


~ by Micathius on October 24, 2010.

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