Android and the search for equilibrium…

After having issues with work and finding enough time to update on a regular basis, something had to give. What ended up giving was my phone contract which has now given me a unique (or perhaps not so unique since I’m sure I am not the only one using such functions) opportunity to experiment with new tech that I normally would not have access to. I managed to score a new HTC Droid Incredible for about $50, and the learning curve is proving to be just that.

I am currently updating from said phone, and tonight it seems to be doing better than previously, where the battery seemed to die out after only a couple hours. After doing some research and thinking perhaps I was in possession of a possible faulty battery, I realized that I had left Pandora paused but running in the background. Have fun watching it leech life like there is no tomorrow. I know the battery is a known drawback to the phone itself, but it can be delt with. Some people won’t be able to cope, but I’m not some people. Hell, I’m not even most people, but I digress…

Point is, I now have a phone that will run the WordPress app with no problems and does everything that I ask it to, which generally isn’t saying much. I have a phone to be a phone, the extra entertainment is nice, but not an absolute need to have. Scoff if you must, but I have computers and ereaders for a reason, mainly so I don’t kill my eyes squinting all night long. Besides, they haven’t built an android yet that could play Warcraft, though I can assume when they do it will be the top selling phone of our generation.

Now if they would get going on that Netflix app…


~ by Micathius on November 14, 2010.

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