Three Weeks and the Coming Shattering…

We are now only about three weeks out from the certain madness of Cataclysm release day. I was smarter this time around and ordered my copy from a more reliable source. For those who did not get to hear the story, I had ordered a collectors edition of Wrath from a shop in my home town called Game Crazy. These were attatcged to the now defunct Hollywood Video rental stores, and are too now defunct. Needless to say, one of their employees decided to either sell my copy to a friend or keep it for himself, the details never did get totally sorted. After being lied to by the management, and then lead around by the nose by corporate for a few days, I was issued a refund. This was one of those places with a no refund ever policy, my family made them eat that policy more than a few times during their rather lackluster run in town.

This time, all I need do is sit back at home, and it will be delivered right to my door. Better proposition over all I think. Some would cry about the absolute need to have it at midnight of launch, but I have learned one major lesson…The servers will not be up for many hours because of the shear number of people trying to get on all at once. Hello, even credit card servers went down from everyone buying Wrath at midnight. That should tell you something.

Less the shattering of Azeroth and more the shattering of the world by utter nerd rage. Will there be the style of tremoil things like holidays or new products from Apple bring on? I certainly hope not, but you never know. Maybe this will be the year the online trolls become Game Stop stalking and plagueing trolls? Remember kids, ignore them and they will magically go away…

In other ‘Shattering’ related news, both the book and new in game content are rather interesting. The book was rather well done, though if you aren’t into that sort of thing, you still aren’t going to be. Parts of that story are now progressing on the servers, and I am curious to find out how much they cover. For now, Cairne Bloodhoof still watches over Thunder Bluff, but his time is bearing its end. I wonder if they will put up a quest for that story and to perhaps help Baine retake his home? I hate to think of the events that are coming, but Blizzard could do some awesome things.

For those who think it would be unfair to have a quest just for the Horde, how about the same sort of deal to take back Ironforge from Moira? Of course she lives and becomes part of the council, but putting her in her place could certainly be fun. I guess I’m just hoping that they use more of the storyline elements that have been established as upcoming lore to their advantage.

I suppose we will all just have to wait and see how it all comes together…


~ by Micathius on November 15, 2010.

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