The Restless Elements and NPCs Being Obvious…

So, the last parts of the pre-Shattering event are live and kicking. There are plenty of mixed emotions out there that you can look up for yourself. Some think pre-Wrath was better with the Zombie mess that went on. I’m happy with the idea presented this time around, the Elementals can give you a run for your money if you don’t watch yourself. You do need more than just yourself to handle the rifts as well, keep that in mind in case you end up in a different zone from everyone else. The dungeon mess afterward so far has left something to be desired, mostly because of the people I got stuck with my first run. Tank ran in with the Healer (me) at zero mana, and wouldn’t let people grab the questline. On the second boss, he pulled the entire damn room without pause, and was sorely surprised when his DPS left and I couldn’t keep him up. I am currently sitting as a deserter and waiting to try again, hopefully with a slightly less stubborn tank. Might be too much to ask for considering, who knows. One can only hope to pull a slightly decent group out of all of this.

I did have a chance to run through the quests that were opened up a couple days ago, searching citizens, finding the infiltrators, and then arresting them. Of course, they are all a very talkative lot, searing they haven’t done anything, to swearing that you are too late. Then there’s a great little bit about flour and glazing that makes the whole plan go a little ascue for them all. You’ll just have to do the quests to get it all.

I did grab a little gem though while running around with my prisoners. As a Shaman, it seemed like a bit faster way to go about it in Ghost Wolf form because arresting them doesn’t break the shift. Looking in my text log, one of the NPCs made a terribly, painfully obvious statement.

NPC being obvious...

Well....yes I am!

I don’t know if there’s much more I can say about that without rolling around and laughing some more. I know it’s one of those pre set things that they say, but damn the timing, right?

Alright, back to the queue with me, and maybe this shot will be a bit better…


~ by Micathius on November 16, 2010.

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