Alliance Be Gettin’ Backdoor’d!

I’m not joking…

Yeah, I bet the Horde likes to backdoor you guys...

I have to admit that I am having fun with the little bit of time that I have left with the beta, running around on my Worgen warrior. I haven’t played as a warrior before, so it’s different and entertaining since it is all new questing as well. I’m sure I wasn’t the first or last to get disenfranchised with leveling through the same old thing. Vanilla Barrens can go die…really. It is also one of my few Alli toons. I very much like the Horde better, but my love of wolves and old English goofiness with werewolves outpowered it for the beta test.

Of course, my Tauren shaman will be my first 85 I imagine, those new areas are pretty damn exciting too, but I’m having fun just seeing the goofy humor that seems to be running rampant. Some for the kiddies, and some of us who were kiddies long and not so long ago. It’s like going to see a Pixar or Dreamworks animation anymore. You know they throw stuff in there for the parents who have to take their kids to these things.

The next update here will be some story stuffs that I’m working on, nothing too special I’m sure. Trying to string some things together that I’ve been writing at work and typing up on my phone.


~ by Micathius on November 19, 2010.

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