You Too Can Be 85!

Yes, I went insane this week. I decided early on that I was going to use what little time off I had this week to level my main to 85 so I wouldn’t have to really worry about it besides trying to gear up. After getting a late start, about fifteen hours after every other crazy person out there, and badly needing sleep before my roommates killed me, I dinged 85 at 0930 Thursday. I didn’t even power through Wrath that quickly. My ‘crazy’ level was a bit high by that time, but I hadn’t marathoned like that in a while. I would have been guild first, but someone hit it right after being invited. I’m thinking its going to be a while before we are raiding again.

The stats at 85 are insane. Before the last patches, my enhacemebt Shaman was sitting just above 24k health. After the patch it jumped to over 32k. Now in mostly questing blues and greens, Micathius is sitting at 92k unbuffed. You can imagine my surprise when I had around 102k while running around in a dungeon a few hours ago. I’m thinking my old school mount runs will never be the same again…

All in all, Cataclysm is insane. The questing is decent and will hand your ass to you if you aren’t watching. The only question now is if I keep working on Micathius, or if I move on to the rest of my small army. There are still skills to explore, professions to level, and of course achievements to chase after. So much to do, I’m still debating on it all.

One last note, I really wish they would have just kept the guild reputation open. As it is now, you can only gain so much per week, and I’m sure that is to keep people from changing guilds like crazy, but its just one more stupid thing that I have to remember to get each week. Guild leveling is limited too, however that is more understandable to me. That amount is reset every day though, so as long as you keep up, most guilds will hit 25 within the same day or two. Now it get people together to do guild achievements…


~ by Micathius on December 10, 2010.

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