After a Long Holiday…

I took a rather long hiatus to deal with family and work, and everything else that comes up around this time of year. I hope everyone made out like bandits with whatever holidays were celebrated.

So, the new year has begin, and I have gone back to hunting mounts and pets in the game that have been trying to elude me for a couple years now. Raven Lord is still hiding from me, and I’m sure he will be the last of them to drop. Over 70 runs so far, my luck isn’t so great.

I did manage to get the Swift White Hawkstrider in 15 runs, and the phoenix hatchling on the 16th run over the past couple days. I never have to run the terrace again on Micathius, and that makes me happy in some strange way. Now, if I could find a way to make runs for Midnight, the fiery warhorse, we would be in good business.

Other than that, I am still rather lacking. I know I should be hearing my main up if I have any wish of keeping a potential raid spot in the guild, but I still haven’t been in a group who worked well enough to actually take down a boss in heroics. I think perhaps this week I will aproach some people in the guild and are if I can get back on track again.

I think I need an honest vacation…


~ by Micathius on January 4, 2011.

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