Not for lack of trying…

So I made it a point this past couple days to yet to get into some heroics to see if I could get over this current mental roadblock that I have. While I succeeded in getting into a few, the results were not worth the hassle in the first place.

The longest I managed to have a group stay together was ten minutes. That amounts to maybe two deaths on any given boss before someone would ragequit on the group, and the rest would follow suit. The best one was a Grim Batol run that had just happened to get past the first boss before a dps dropped and I got pulled in. On Forgemaster, both attempts, he pulled shield first. Mr. Bear stands in the flame and dies both times, aggro switching to me each time. I go down, other Druid gets the bear back up, who is by then swearing at me instead of doing his job. Lovely group that was…

I don’t blame Blizzard for making it hard, I blame the idiots who think that every fight is and should be tank and spank. My other new issue I have are groups that I pug into expecting me to clear trash that they snuck by. Had it happen in Lost City, and on a Dire Maul run on my Worgen. Are people just that lazy now?

Yeah, this pretty much just turned into a rant. Maybe next week I can get into a guild group instead of these lame ass pugs…


~ by Micathius on January 8, 2011.

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