Two Months…

Yes, I realize that I have been off of here for about two months, and a lot of that has just been taking restock and sorting out all of the patches and fixes that have come out. Also, setting up a beast of a machine just because I could, and various other things.

Blizzard has both eased some of my frustrations, and created even more with some of their decisions. No, I don’t blame them for making changes, but some things just seem really ham handed. Case in point, tremor totem is pretty worthless now. By the time you cast it, whatever you were trying to counter has worn off, and you can only use it about once a fight now. What is a Shaman without totems? It’s like making stances or presences or stealth redundant. Stop ruining classes by taking away their unique mechanics…seriously.

I did not mind the buff to the lfd pugs, I have finally been able to have some fun. Granted, I feel like I’m off tanking half the time anymore, but that’s still a problem with fake tanks wanting instant dungeons. I have finally got the gear to do raids, though I suddenly feel like I’m ahead of most of the guild again. I just can’t seem to find a balance. With that said, I also got my Hunter and Druid to 85, and managed to get Raven Lord mounts for all three. Currently working on my 83 Death Knight and 74 Worgen Warrior, but I have no idea when those will be done.

I have more to talk about of a non-Warcraft variety, so that will have to wait until the next post. Also, more information about patch 4.1 that may or may not excite anyone.


~ by Micathius on February 28, 2011.

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