Digging an Early Grave?

It amuses me greatly when players use non-official boards, and now FaceBook posts from those sites, to rant as if the actual game makers are reading. Somehow, I’m fairly certain they are aware of this, but they would rather complain somewhere where they don’t have to buck up balls against the actual company. It could also just be generic trolling, but it is possibly best to not concern too much time with such people.

I have noticed that a big part of the complaints are now surfacing about patch 4.1 and with the reuse of yet more old content. I’m not saying people aren’t allowed to be angry, but really, repeated threats of quitting won’t be chaning the way Blizzard handles their products. It’s akin to telling the tobacco companies that you’re going to stop smoking unless they make their product better for you, and only you. The outcome is predictable, go nerdrage over something that you can actually do something about. 

This does go back to the Wrath-baby idea though, that perhaps the new players then, and certainly more now, maybe did not get to experience the areas in question. With the area redesign, anyone who started playing this expansion did miss out on the original Zul’Gurub, while some of us played it relentlessly trying for mounts and reputation. Likewise, being able to jump into the new content, many would be missing out on the second tier raiding of Burning Crusade, Zul’Aman.

My original guild was just starting on ZA when I started playing. I liked the pace of the raid, though we weren’t good enough to ever get the mount. There was plenty going on that It was worth paying attention. I’ll say that my main toon is still using the bag you can get from questing in there. That’s right, even two expansions later…a 20 slot bag back then was hot stuff.

I suppose with all that being said, I am excited to see the changes and new things coming to the 5 man versions. Yes, I’m excited about new mounts and pets, but I’m a collector of such things. That is another post all on its own though. New content coming out should just make people happy. Do they realize that Blizzard makes these updates in content just because they want to? They don’t actually have to do that, many companies don’t even bother.

For the raiders arguing about a patch without next tier content, I refer you to above once again. I’ve previously discussed the learning curve of this expansion, and it is no surprise that many guilds still have not seen most of the raid content already released. That people are already so eager-beaver about wanting it all right now just shows how selfish the player base is getting. Even if I was the group that just got Glory of the Cataclysm Raider, I still don’t think I would mind a little longer to bask in the glow before being shoved into the new insanity.

Either way, I suppose people will perch on whatever side or fence that they want. It just seems to me that there are more angry souls out there than there really should be. It’s a game after all. Remember what that meant to you as a kid?


~ by Micathius on March 6, 2011.

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