Trying to Bridge the Gap…

I might be the only person who has had this problem, however I strongly think not. Since Cataclysm release, I’ve been plugging away at my Worgen warrior. It’s the same toon that I played on beta, though I only made it to 40 there. Too many things to do with my 80s after all.

After another grind session last week, I got him to level 78, and somewhere missed the memo that Cataclysm content would not be available until level 80. Disappointed that he would have to grind Icecrown, he didn’t make it to 80 until this past weekend. Bravely strolling into Hyjal, I suddenly discovered that the gap between gear I had and the gear I should have had felt quite staggering.

My previous characters in the area were all decently geared. The lowest was at least in full 200 from heroics, the highest was in full tier 10. No issues with them, besides perhaps wonky new rotations (looking at you, ret pally from hell…), but I know it was not gear issues causing irritation.

Upon hitting 80 with the warrior, I was hit with an annoying issue. I was (still am mostly) getting slaughtered, having to break between each kill to pray for health. Above that, I did not meet gearscore requirements for even Wrath heroics. However, since it is assumed we should all have better gear by then, I was locked from random queues for regular dungeons. Yes, I could have manually queued for regulars, and sat for over an hour with no luck (which I indeed tried), but what does that help?

It again may just be me and my jaded thought that maybe with Wrath heroics being comparatively easy, maybe they shouldn’t have set a gear score on the lower tier. I don’t mind the later ones being that way, but damn!

Good news is that after an hour of being killed repeatedly, I got enough gear to get the gs up enough to get on with things. Sucks that its all tank itemized. Maybe it’s just my luck…

Edit: Fixed some errors because Android predictive text is a joke and half made up…


~ by Micathius on March 9, 2011.

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