Thoughts, and Back to Square…

Edit: This was a draft from like last September that nice got posted. Posting it now, and will be moving on shortly…

I haven’t updated since March, and a lot of things have happened since then in game. Granted, a lot of things have happened outside of game that have tampered with my in-game experience, but that’s a general issue with life. Can’t really do much about that quite honestly.

Patch 4.2 was released, 4.3 is quickly on it’s way. Cataclysm release raid content was nerfed as Heroic Ragnaros grew legs. Have I seen the Firelands? Yes, yes I have, and as an undergeared healer I won’t be seeing much more than trash. This past week, my guild made a rather laughable attempt to go after Beth’tilac, and I’m glad to report that I still hate spider bosses. That being said, trying to get Micathius through even the release raids has been a trial. It’s more about timing than anything at this point I think. I reluctantly geared up my healing set after being assured that I would never raid with the guild unless I went heals, no arguing. I grumbled greatly, had a few issues trying to get back into the healing mindset, but finally got invited to the maybe-somewhat-possibly-weekly raid. I had a head desk moment when, upon finally getting into BWD on the last boss, I was asked to go DPS because we had enough heals. What exactly was that whole conversation for, exactly, that told me I would never raid as DPS?? Beyond that, of that raid, I still have only seen the Nefarion fight. Though it took us a handful of attempts because of people still not listening, we downed it, much celebrating, I got my tier healing helm because again, I’m not allowed in a raid unless I’m healing. >.<

We went on to one shot Throne of the Four Winds that same night, with me flexing my healing prowess. I have to admit, I was a baddie and ate tornadoes the entire last fight, but we made it through alright in the end. That was quite a few weeks ago, and we haven’t raided again until this past week. After the Firelands mishap, and lord what a mishap that was, we headed for Bastion of Twilight. Because of time, we only got two bosses down, the first of which was a total pushover. Guess who was DPSing again? Yeah, I get the feeling I took a lot of crap just to be bullied into being a sometimes off healer, for when our full time healers don’t want to heal anymore. Don’t know if I should be honored or worried about that. Second fight was tooth and nail…horn and hoof? Which was enough to make me stop thinking that the raid was going to be a face roll.

Besides the lack of raid content, Mica powered through the Molten Front content like a mad man. The final show down was satisfying, which made the daily grind almost worth all the crap of missed sleep for work. The mount and title are nice as well, though now almost everyone has the mount. I still don’t see many with the title, which might just be my server. I’m still torn, Micathius the Exalted, or Micathius the Flamebreaker…I think it would be humorous to transmogrify my armor to my rather icy 10.5 tier set and use the Flamebreaker title. Yes, my humor is still intact. I think it will do when I finally get to see Ragnaros again, then crush him under my ruthless hoof…alright, moving on…


~ by Micathius on February 12, 2012.

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