Of Pandaria and Legendaries…

Since October, sites have been rampant breeding zones for discontent the likes of which are rarely seen. Why are gamers so angry? Pandas. That’s right, pandas. Oh yes, because nothing could possibly endanger a game already cartoonish than by adding pandas, right?

Take a step back and think about that, really. Death Knights and Worgen didn’t destroy the game, neither will this. And before you say they don’t fit, go talk to the space goats. The game is constantly shaping and changing, either you get on with it or you jump ship. There’s nothing I hate worse than people who hang on and continue to pay and play just to scream and tell and cry like children. Time to grow up.

I, for one, didn’t play the original Warcraft games until I had played WoW for a few years. Even then I played more for what story there was. In my first few days of playing, having reached The Barrens and not having died from the ongoing mind-numbing chat there, I had found a barrel. Granted, this barrel had more questions to it than answers. Who was Chen? What was a Brewmaster? Why was there nothing else about this lore?

Playing the RTS versions, with their Easter eggs and what have you brought some of those questions back, though by then I was in on the joke. Still, even then I was wondering if we would ever actually see them, interact with them. This year, we will, for better or worse.

Blizzard may still be catering to casuals, and they still have every right to. Am I excited for pet battles? Mildly, after all, I grew up right along everyone else in the pokemon generation. Maybe it’s just a little sweeter that I have over 150 of them to experiment with… Other than that, I reserve final opinions for when I can dig my fingers into it.

Legendaries, long is the path that must be traveled to achieve such dreams. Even worse is that when your main is not the destined class for said orange beauties. I am not a great rogue, but I’m passable. I’m not as geared as I should be, but that didn’t stop me from doing the pick pocket quest in Dragon Soul when we finally got to that point. Thankfully, we do have a rogue that regularly runs with us and is well on his way…

Me, I’m sleep deprived and half out of my mind at the best of times thanks to working graveyards. This is not a good way to attempt these quests. Granted, my limited time spent on it so far, I’m doing better than my buddy did at that point, but my timing is subtly…off to put it nicely. I’m starting to think that it’s more about chance and fast reflexes, and that I’m very much lacking at this point. I doubt that I will see past the first set of daggers, but those will be fun enough I think…

Maybe I shall chat on Diablo 3 next…yeah, I finally got into that beta as well. Here’s hoping that my Christmas present that was ordered the start of November might be here by my birthday…


~ by Micathius on February 13, 2012.

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