Excitement I miss while traveling…

I decided this last week that I wouldn’t be attending our regularly scheduled 10 man raid, I would either be on the road, or trying to nap off the drive before work. Either way, raiding was not at the too of my to-do list. As it were, I was home but too tired to think as I had figured I would be.

Upon rolling out of bed to get ready for work, my roommate is calling me into her room, which usually means I either missed loot or something spectacular happened. Seems as though while having difficulties with the second boss of the night, one of the healers was being disconnected for no apparent reason. Luckily he was on vent, because his account was being hacked. I believe this was the second time for him…

Of course, like a flash the hacker was alt hopping while our guild leaders were frantically attempting to demote characters to lock access to the guild bank. Luck is never with us, the bastards took off with our 9 stack of Essence of Destruction before everything could be locked down.

To add insults to injury, my roommate suddenly sees a level one in Org, trying to unload the Essence at bargen bottom prices. She whispers the character who immediately starts trying to get her into group, to come to the bank to meet him, so on and so forth. You’d think these idiots would keep track of what guild they steal shit from, he was reported in a heartbeat.

The player and the guild had everything returned within the hour, but it just felt like a big cluster of a night, and I wasn’t even there. So, what is the problem and what are the solutions?

Top of the list are those folks who would rather buy gold than make it themselves. It’s like an unemployment check, though they’re ponying up the bill instead of tax payers to a point. See, those people selling the gold, they don’t want to do the work either. This is where you start to see bots and hackers. Why work for gold when it’s easy enough to steal yours and sell it back to other idiots…Have you ever been hacked? See, you’ve become the ‘tax payer’ in that scenario, and all the people who buy gold are rolling around in your misfortune and misery.

Before everyone says that I’m making some socio-political statement, yeah, I guess I kinda am. I have a full time job, I pay my taxes, pay my bills and my rent. I like floating you through your life about as much as I like floating your lazy butt through dungeons and raids, which is to say I’d rather be mauled by a lion while having teeth pulled.

Want to stop the cycle? Encourage players to stop buying gold. That’s about all there is to it quite honestly. Even that won’t stop it I’m sure…

Alright well, Diablo 3 next time since I went on a rant. Sorry about that, tl;dr I know.


~ by Micathius on February 18, 2012.

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