Diablo 3 and the problem of achievements on Beta…

I received my beta invite a few weeks ago, during the mad rush of people who (I assume) were meant to test the stability of the servers running the game. As of this writing, many gaming sites are giving out more codes and invites, which leaves me hoping that we are indeed coming up on a potential release day announcement. Blizzard’s official press/site thing begins in only a couple weeks, so we shall soon see.

I just want to see my CE before my birthday rolls around. Pretty pretty please?

Thankfully, the download wasn’t nearly as meaty as say the Cataclysm beta, but much of that is due to only having the first chapter available. I feel that it is just enough to give you a good taste, and after grinding public games to get up to max level (currently 13) you’ll probably be wishing there were more to do.

Of the five classes, I tended to like and enjoy the Monk and Warrior more from the start. For the ranged classes, it really depended on what spells and attacks I had at my disposal. The Witch Doctor seemed almost clunky to me at start, then degraded into spamming Fire Bats at everything until dead. That could just mean I don’t have the head for ranged casters, which very well could be. Besides, watching the Monk punch something in the chest and have it explodei is terribly satisfying.

It occurred to me after playing for a few hours that I had turned into some demented blood hound as I lurked through the dungeon hallways. Sure, there are plenty of things to bust up, but it’s usually the dead bodies that have what you’re looking for. After a long day, I imagine my adventurer’s gloves must smell terrible after flipping dead bodies every two feet. What were townsfolk doing in some of these hidden away back places anyway?

After playing WoW for so long, the stash system is wonderful. Playing on your Monk and find an awesome crossbow for your Demon Hunter? Put it in your stash and any of your toons can access it. Creating item is also fairly simple once you have the blacksmith leveled up a bit.

My only gripe is with the current achievement system. These achievements are pretty much available only on beta, so it’s fun to get them and show off banners while doing public games. However, some of them are bugged, which makes it hard to finish them off. The only one I have left is Co-op Elite Kills, which the bar says is 50/50 but will not complete. Somehow I doubt that this is on the fix list, since they get wiped every so often, but there are so many things tied to the Overachiever that I wish they could fix it.

After all, it is quite the achievement to resurrect every class when no one can die….XD


~ by Micathius on February 19, 2012.

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