And that’s what I get for complaining…

So, I booted up D3 the other day out of curiosity to see if the issues with achievements and such had been fixed, since a new patch had been rolled out. To my surprise, all of my work was gone, deleted. Yep, fixes that problem. XD

I haven’t worked too much on it since, decided that I would play the classes I liked least first to see if some of the changes helped. So far I have only played the Witch Doctor, and I’m having a better time of it. They revamped the skill system and added runes, and it really feels like it now makes you at least try to feel out each new skill as you get it.

There might also be a release date announcement just around the corner as well, could be as early as a couple hours from now. Of course, Blizzard is teasing, but we all know they eventually deliver in fine form.


In Warcraft news…I haven’t done all that much this week. I tried to be motivated, but I fell short. I did, however, race change my druid to a Troll for aesthetic reasons, and managed to get him some gear. Still not ready for LFR, but getting close.

I did get a couple nice big boxes in from Blizzard, the above Pandarian and seven other figures tucked away nicely inside. I really wish they hadn’t stopped making these figures, the detailing is really something to admire.

The next major project is to kick my rogue in the head, and somehow manage to Assassinate Creed. For those who don’t know, it is part of the questline to get the legendary daggers. It’s just that I’m under geared, probably under enchanted, and just not that good at playing a rogue in general. Least I’ve gotten him half way down. Maybe I’ll get lucky and someone will wander in working on it as well…I imagine it will get done eventually…


~ by Micathius on March 3, 2012.

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