The problem with PUGs and new 85s…and Dragon Soul realizations…

This has become a new frustration as I have gone back to gear up my low geared characters. With the split of 346/353 and 378 heroic tiers, it is feeling like most of the player base is in the upper group. As easy as it is to get gear anymore, I probably shouldn’t be floundering in the lower bracket, but sometimes these things happen. My paladin is sitting at ilevel 350, which is two points below that sweet mark. So, what are my options?

1. Run 346/353 heroics and pray for a drop that will actually help, that everyone else in the group isn’t after as well…

2. Run the same heroics for points to then turn in for the needed gear. Takes a little time, but this way is at least not luck based, right?
…wrong, and here’s why.

I didn’t see this effect so much when ZA and ZG were released, simply because (as I now think) it was easier to run the 346 heroics for the weekly valor points than to try to lead idiots through the ‘new’ dungeons. Yes, 353 were difficult runs, but the people who were really after that gear were the ones having trouble bridging the gap in raids. So, it made sense at that time that there were many people, experienced players, running the release heroics that knew what they were doing and could lead successful runs.

Now, that isn’t the case. With the release of 378 heroics, you know where the veteran players have gone. With mechanics that are easier than some of what the Wrath dungeons put out, it’s easy to understand why this would be the place to be, you know besides the gear…So, where does that leave the poor saps still doing release content? In a sloggy wipefest, or so it feels like to me.

The people playing at this level (and I could be completely wrong about this…) are either brand new 85s who have never seen the content, or alts who don’t give a damn and just want to rush. I’ll admit, I am guilty of said behavior on more than one occasion, but in some cases that’s alright. Lost City of the Tol’vir is a good example of this, because as long as the party knows not to stand in crap, you can pretty much breeze through. However, people don’t want to wait for explanations, or be told what to do, or do their own research, or pull their heads out of their butts, you know whatever the deal is now.

The point is, you can’t expect to rush into Grim Batol and face-roll to KILL ALL THE THINGS and be successful. Sometimes you just can’t kill everything to win. At least three of the fights in there are dependant on adds and how you deal with them, and I use GB as an example because I’ve had to drop from more groups in there than any other. Speaking of, why is it that every random I pull is either GB or Shadowfang? So many others that I would rather do at this point…

What does this have to do with points? Well, can’t get any if you aren’t killing bosses, and you can’t kill bosses if people don’t care enough to know what they are doing. It’s one of those cycles that just keeps running, and I would rather get off the ride while I still have some sanity left. This business of getting crazy gear goals for myself might just be the end of me.


As far as our weekly raiding, we seemed to have a breakthrough last Friday which was a long time in coming. I’ve talked before about our difficulties with juggling, and how we just couldn’t get it under control. Well, come to find out, our tank wasn’t doing his homework like he should have either.

In case this may help someone else as well, here was our situation. Group would split, at least one healer would be in melee to keep tabs on the tank.

First problem: When we first started running this boss, the ball would actually phase through the boss and kill the tank because melee had all moved out to let it hit the boss. This was just because we weren’t giving the ball enough time to defuse, so it would defuse half way through the boss and smack the tank in the face.

Second problem: Melee were taking random extreme damage and pretty much getting one shotted by things. This ended up being a combination of two things, a frontal cone that bugs out at really weird times and a shadow spell that the healers have to deal with correctly or it will slaughter a group in no time. Situational awareness helped here.

Third problem: This was partial healers and where our tank wasn’t doing homework. Basic mechanic of the fight is: the more times you bounce the ball, the more damage the boss takes in crazy disco phase; however the more times you bounce the ball, the more damage healers have to deal with. There comes a point where the healers get tapped out and you just can’t handle any more incoming damage, and you have to find that happy balance. Our tank decided on five bounces, three to ranged and two to melee before letting it hit the boss. Healers were keeping the raid alive, but the tank would go down shortly after the second crazy disco phase, they just could not keep him up.

The real problem ended up being that the main attack that the boss uses against the tank actually causes more damage every ten seconds after any disco phase that did not have at least seven stacks. Meaning each hit against the tank would get progressively harder until he was pretty much being one shotted. After realizing this, and adjusting things to compensate for the extra bounces, boss went down quickly and without issue.

Next Friday we take on the second half, which could be as difficult as the stupid little things with this last bit, or we could just breeze through. Now to convince the tank he has to eat Twilight…


~ by Micathius on March 12, 2012.

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