News out of the Mists, and more Raid crap…

Most of this information is probably already well known, but eh, putting it down here gets it out of my head.

The press tour for Mists of Pandaria was a couple weeks ago and there was a mass of information that came out shortly after. Now the beta has begun, which has some people excited, and others entirely too pissed off. What’s the problem now? People assumed when they signed up for the annual pass, they would get immediate access to beta. Well, that’s not what they said, but there’s a big uproar anyway. Did I get an invite? No. Will I? Yes, eventually, though that could be a week before release. I’m not holding my breath, I have too many other things going on right now anyway.

Information you may or may not want to know…

Blizzard is expanding character slots to 11 per server. This means you don’t have to juggle toons to be able to fit in a new Monk.

There will be 7 new zones, this was previously 5. It also looks like there will be a lot of phasing as the storylines progress and on into the patches after release.

Garrosh Hellscream will be the final boss of the expansion, a corrupted version anyway. The final raid is currently set to be The Siege of Orgrimmar, with actions leading both sides to the battle for different reasons. What we know so far is that something is brewing in Hellfire Chasm, with fel orcs doing mysterious and nefarious things.

Druids will be getting quite a few graphical glyphs, Warlocks will be getting new looking pets.

Companion pets will be account wide, with mounts coming in a patch after release.

Scarlet Monastery and Scholomance will be the two old dungeons being rebooted for level 90 heroics. The four wings of the Monastery have been consolidated down to two.

Yadda yadda, so on and so forth. There is a lot of information coming out almost every day, lots of things going on, if you want to know more I’m sure you know where to look.

At what point, if any, should a semi-casual guild start taking raiding a little more seriously? I’ve been asking myself this all weekend after the blow up that happened during the Friday night raid. Let’s just say that my excitement of having taken down 5/8 in Dragon Soul was suitably tempered, then stomped on and tossed out a third story window.

We get to raid one night a week, maybe two to three hours if we are lucky. It had been a three week slog of keeping lockouts to get where we finally were. I did my homework, was ready to go take on Warmaster Blackhorn, only to be told we were going to start over. The reason was a valid one, there’s a lot of loot on those first four bosses and we have people who need more gear.

So, attitude tempered, I got online and ready…only to be told we wouldn’t be starting on time, main tank had other things to do. Alright, things come up, we deal with it. We finally get started, take down one boss, then fall into bad old habits all over again.

We only managed the one boss that night, that was it. The amount of distractions going on, the length of time between attempts, it just kept getting worse and worse until we finally called it. I signed off to get ready for work, irritated about the immaturity going on.

My roommate yells at me to let me know that our main rogue and hunter have both left the guild, feeling about the same frustrations I had been. I don’t really blame them, after all I think I’ve been voicing my irritation at constant failure on numerous occasions right here. Of course our guild leader and main tank is being decidedly passive-aggressive about the whole thing, and hasn’t said a word to me all weekend. Something about knowing where true loyalties lay and the difference between loyalty and friendship. I’m sorry, when you turn into a ship of clowns, loyalty has nothing to do with it.

Meanwhile, I was invited into a BWD run Saturday night by the two that had left the guild. I used to be in the guild that they joined, know the people there, and had a fairly enjoyable time helping them out. They’re just getting back into raiding, but they could very well catch up with my current guild if they keep pushing themselves. This was actually the guild I first started playing in, raiding in, and if I wasn’t so convinced of the time and effort I had put into my current guild, I probably would have jumped ship too.

This turned more into a rant than I was meaning it to. I’m still finding myself in a position where I know I could be in a better place, but am limited because of scheduling and time restraints. At least this other guild has offered my rogue the chance to continue into DS to work on his legendaries, once my friend is finished with his of course.


~ by Micathius on March 26, 2012.

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