Weekly stuff dump…

Another fairly unsuccessful raid night has come to a close. We didn’t even really raid, which is what I had worried about. People just didn’t show, and I have a feeling that is the end of that little adventure. We tried going back into ICC for a little bit, but didn’t get far. Then again, seven players taking on 25 man, just wasn’t enough dps to handle mechanics.

OS 25 man with three drakes went a lot smoother, so just maybe I will see the Twilight Drake some day. The rest of the night was just bouncing around, not doing much. I did kill Jadefang this morning and got the little companion pet, and ended up taming the spirit owl on my hunter. It was spur of the moment and I had to drop a pet I had, so my black fox was set free. I’ll have to go get another sometime soon, even if they don’t get used that much.

This week, Blizzard announced that they were sending out 200,000 beta invites to annual subscription members. Though that sound like a lot, I keep feeling like it’s just a drop in the bucket. That being said, I wasn’t one of the lucky ones, well, not as of this writing at least. I will keep crossing my fingers, the artwork for this thing is amazing.


~ by Micathius on March 31, 2012.

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