Mists Beta and the struggle for focus…

Thursday evening, I finally got an invite the the beta for Mists. My excitement was quickly floundered though, with both the 18 gig download and the fact that I could see nothing besides milling people when I logged on. There are so many people that enjoyable testing just isn’t possible with the amounts of people swarming and making choke points of everything. The only way I found the first quest giver was by the minimap icon, so at least we know that bit works.

So, thank you to all the whining little brats out there who wanted to play and not test, who wanted in right now because they read into a comment something that was never said, and who are now sitting in zones with no clue as to what to do or why Blizzard is so mean and won’t let them transfer their 85 Panda to a live server…

Hope you caught the sarcasm there.

Seriously though, adding so many people so quickly has just choked the system to the point where the server isn’t stable. It crashes regularly and lags to the point where you’re better off just turning it off. This is disappointing, I had wanted so much better…

Oh well, as for other things…The guild finally went back into DS after so many weeks of not having the people to do so. I took my rogue and my druid, switching when we needed the ranged dps for volleyball. Problem was yet again that people plan other things in the middle of raid time, so we maybe got an hour total to run. We started an hour late, then there was lag with people getting there, deciding which toons were coming, then the main tank had to drive across town…twice. considering who far we got for the night, I wish I could bottle what got them motivated to actually get a move on. If we could harness it, we would have Deathwing down in a couple weeks rather than in an expansion or two.

Not much more than that going on besides my pally running lfr and my warrior close to geared for the 378 dungeons. The work is never done!


~ by Micathius on April 17, 2012.

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