Catching Up and the LFR Rebellion…

So a few weeks have gone by, and things seem to be getting a little better in some ways, and a tad more tedious in others. That’s life though, so we just have to roll with it.

We were mildly successful with raiding, still having the unbalanced issue going on that I end up changing out characters for so we have enough ranged to get Zon down. This week we actually had more people show up than we could take, so my roommate sat out and we journeyed forth…and actually got the first half done. I got new pants as well which, not as good as the trinket that seems not to exist, will do for a while.

We also seem to be sticking with running OS25 for the drake mount every week before heading into DS. About half of our group have it now, and I’ll confess that I’m not being a patient waiter. I don’t think I’ve rolled above a 10 for it try, so I’m sure I’ll be the last to get it. Of course, I made someone grumpy when the suggestion to being other guild members in got tossed around. Something similar happened when we were trying to get everyone the 10man version, and I had to wait even longer to get mine because whoever was new in the group or brought an alt into the group would win it every time. Yeah, me having a greedy moment, I’ve wanted the thing almost as much as I had wanted Raven Lord, and I’m still no closer to seeing it.

*mount rant over*

I have spent the last two weeks in rebellion of running LFR. This had become a big part of my days off, struggling with terrible groups as the week wore on because I’m up to running it on seven different characters. That will go up to eight shortly if I can get another weapon to drop for my warrior. So, that’s seven full raids that take forever to get into, and depending on the group, can take forever to finish as well. It was taking at least a full day to do, that would normally bleed over into the rest of the week if I wasn’t able to finish. To save my sanity, I went on strike. Last week I ended up playing a lot of Diablo 3 and Mists betas just for the hell of it. I enjoyed the Panda start zone, the story is rather well played out, and the monk is interesting. As for Diablo, I was thinking about going for the Over-Achiever achievement, but I kinda blew that idea this week. The server is getting shut off in a couple of days and I don’t get much play time on work days. For now I’m going to kick back and wait for the 15th to see what gets changed and how the story developes.

This week I kept mostly to my two Worgen on my home server, trying to get my warrior out of terrible heroics slump, and when that failed I bummed around on my mage for a while. Problem with the warrior is that his gear is decent enough to run the Twilight heroics, but his weapons were both 316 swords that I’ve been trying to replace for months. Let’s just say I got kicked from many a group because of it. Finally got an axe to drop, hoping I can get another or the mace to drop soon. Damn my luck sometimes…

As for next week, I haven’t a clue. I keep thinking I should work on my toons from the other server which might be a good getaway project for a while.


~ by Micathius on April 28, 2012.

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