Bad Rolls and PvP…

We didn’t really raid this week, which is just reaffirming my notion that for every good week, we are going to suffer two or three bad. We just didn’t have people show, which in itself is pretty discouraging. So, we ran our weekly OS25 for the mount and called it for the night. Rolled a 30 and am still convinced that I will never see that mount. Anyway…

I finally scored another weapon for my warrior after a tank so nicely gave it over. He was gracious enough to ask if I really needed it, because he wanted it for off spec. As I was still using a blue weapon, that axe from the main Deepholm questline, yes, I needed it. Ended up running LFR afterwards and lost rolls on the ten or so items that dropped that I could have used. At least he’s geared to that point now, I can stop worrying about it.

The rest of this week was me grumbling about being bored. I am sufferings burn out, there’s only so much you can do on your own before it just becomes the same ol’ routine. I did some archaeology, only missing one pet and one mount from there, and a load of gear but I’m more about the mount and pet. Problem is that they are both Tol’vir so they are going to take forever to get. Wish the spawn rate was better out there.

I came face to face with my nemesis this week though, something I have been trying to avoid for a long time…the dreaded PvP. There’s that line, where groups are either on one side or the other, get irritated when they are in each others space, so on and so forth. I’m guilty of it most certainly, people in full PvP gear should not be expecting the world when doing PvE dungeons and raids. Those sets are obviously tuned for different things…Alright, I’ll forgive it in 5 mans, that’s about the only place they can get gear, but for raids it’s hard to swallow.

PvP is hard for me because I am not good at anticipating what other people are going to do, so my reaction time is not up where it should be. Don’t get me wrong, I have tried before. After all, I got the black war mounts and the frostwolf howler before you could buy them with honor. Used to be that you had to have marks from certain battlegrounds to get anything, and then honor on top of it. Now, I just have to swallow down my pride and jump in until I can get geared.

Surprisingly, I’m not doing too badly all things considered. If I come in at the first of the battle, I’m usually at least in the top half which is decent for having no resilience gear. The other reason for doing all this is achievement points. I’m less than 700 behind our guild leader, and I’m pretty sure I can make that up if I set myself to it. Might need all the luck in the world, but I’m not rolling on anything so I should be good to go! XD


~ by Micathius on May 7, 2012.

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