Kindness and the Gates of Hell…

A week ago Friday I was finally able to get the Twilight Drake from OS25. We had invited along an alt who didn’t normally run with us, and he had the winning roll, but gave it to me because he had just wanted the achievements. I think there were only two other people in line for it out of our usual group, but it is kinda fun just slaughtering lower level content every once in a while.

We didn’t go on to raid that night, and I signed over into the Beta because of my frustrations. This week I turned off my alarm and aunt bother getting on at all. Evidently, no one else did either. I think that’s probably the end of our raiding…of course something new and shiny came out this week.

Those who would care about it already know that things were rough Monday night heading into Tuesday morning, the 14th into the 15th. I was killing time watching the stream of the Blizzard Diablo 3 release party, while dealing with some bad install files that hadn’t been downloaded fully. Had that silly error that my digital copy wanted a disk, and I needed to convince it otherwise. It ended up being a quick fix, so no big worries there.

So, the clocks roll over, 1am locally, servers go live…and promptly pick and choose who gets to play. Within the first half hour I did manage to get to the character creation screen, but from there it was a constant stream of time-out errors until I got booted back to the starting screen.

There was a big argument that Blizzard had not set aside enough servers to deal with the load, which is true. However, that load will never be as heavy as it was at that moment. At no point during normal play will there be so many millions of people trying to get on all at the same time. Yes, they have had a few minor issues besides, but they have been fixed pretty damn quick.

As for release night, I turned off my state for a while, took a letter out to the mailbox at 2am, and generally tried not to concern myself with it too much. Much like the jump with every Warcraft expansion, there is that race to the end, the hardest difficulties, so on. The last I had checked, hard core guild Method was leading, having taken down Azmodan on Inferno difficulty. I imagine they will have it beat within a week of release.

I myself am sitting at the end of Act 1 on Nightmare difficulty. I am not the best, though it is nice to know that I can see what’s not working and tweek it until it does. I’m running solo until I have some friends catch up with me, some of these creatures are ridiculously hard…or rather their enchantments are. Electric Firechains…Teleporting Plague…and I haven’t even gotten up to my own personal hellbeast, those wasps that shoot the smaller wasps at you. Granted, if I was ranged, they wouldn’t be such a bother. When you roll a Monk though, it’s just something you have to deal with.

The story is great, and I don’t even have all of it yet. The over-arching one, yes, but there is so much more to it than that. The Templar is my favorite so far, after he gets over the killing Jondar obsession in the section that was featured in the Beta. Speaking of, best moment ever was the first time I moved beyond the Skeleton King. It’s like any road trip, you font feel like you’re going anywhere until you’ve gone past a certain point.

I think when I have a good day off to myself I will start on the timed run achievement, which is pretty much finishing each act in an hour or less. I know it won’t be easy, the randomness of some sections has gotten me frustrated, and the Scoundrel will not be accompanying me on that task. He’s an aggro magnet on steroids so far in Nightmare, at least for me he’s more often than not running off and shooting things that aren’t even in my sight. Being trampled by three normal, three magical, and one rare beast all at the same time is not my idea of a good time, moreso when he drags them back on my respawn point. No more treasure for him, that’s for sure.

All in all, I’m enjoying it even if it drives me nuts sometimes, the game I mean. I think I’ll be trying the Demon Hunter next, in beta that was my favorite ranged class right out of the gate. We shall see how it goes.


~ by Micathius on May 20, 2012.

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