Nightmare Mode and something done for fun…

No real Warcraft news this week, though that may change shortly. A coworker asked for a Scroll of Resurrection, so I now have a shiny new Gryphon for my Worgen warrior. Plus, my roommate has been not so subtly hunting that I should get on and do something or other…I did lose most of my bank alt stock that was in his mailbox because I hadn’t been on him in over a month…oops. All the more reason to go out and kill all the things!

I think nightmare mode has bested me for the moment. Or rather it has bested my current strategy, which was fight only what you have to and push through. I’m being one-shotted by things that, while I know I should be running and dodging, sometimes you just can’t dodge. On such fights, I end up with the mob sitting on top of my respawn point to instantaneously kill me once again when I pop up. Might be level and gear, but I’m guessing it’s mostly gear, so I’ll be grounded back to Act 1 until I can get along better. I was about half way through Act 2, so it’s not too much of an upset.

Instead of getting too frustrated, I decided to do a couple other things just to say I did them. One of which was getting the timed run achievements. Depending on your level, it could be challenging or just ridiculously stupid. I did it on my 39 monk, focused mainly on decent aoe attacks just to get my spirit up to use on speed boosts to just get through the areas. Some areas still got pretty bogged down, though I could make reasonable guesses on where things would be and only utterly failed once or twice.

Things I can offer to help, if people actually need the help…
-Forget about the loot unless you have time to grab. I would do a quick snatch of gold and yellow gear, but that was about it.
-Skip the cutscenes. I think this is a no brainer, but hey, help is help. A lot of the dialog can be skipped through pretty quickly.
-Have a knowledge of the story quests before hand. That way you can already be on your way to where you need to go by the time you have the quest in your log.
-Skip the events and extra dungeons when you can. Sometimes you can’t and that’s fine, you just have to plan around them. Having a second person may help here, divide and conquer on things like searching for the shattered crown or stopping the cultist rituals.
-Remember the timed event at the end of Act 2. I didn’t and it nearly cost me the whole run. Even if you save all the people, it won’t skip forward, so make time for it.

The first three sections took almost the full time, I needed up finishing the second with only about a minute and a half to spare. I had some issues in the Oasis that cost me time, plus the before mentioned timed event at the end. Sometimes people need to just save themselves when evil is ripping their city apart! The last act only took about a half hour, taking the guess on where things would be worked out well there.

The prize for this meta-achievement? The wolf head sigil for your banner. I stole a friend’s idea and decked mine out in Frostwolf colors, ala Warcraft, for a bit. Not sure how long those colors will stay, I like my blacks and greys.

The other goofy thing I did was to make The Staff of Herding. If you font know, it unlocks a secret level after letting you speak with the ghost of the cow king. No, it’s not the mystical cow level, but it’s worth it for the laughs. You do need to have pretty much beaten the game to have access to the building materials, and it’s not cheap either, but it’s worth it.

I had the most issues with the Gibbering Gem, as it only drops off of one specific mob in one specific dungeon which may or may not spawn during a section of Act 3. I think I gained a level from there alone because the area is rather large where it could spawn, and the entire area is swarming with demons. For the others, the spawn points are always the same if you get the right map to work with.

Beyond that, I’ve started a demon hunter and a warrior to mess with, and a hardcore monk just to see how far I can get. I’m going to say somewhere in Act 2 unless I can do better than the sloppiness of my other runs through there. I’m beginning to think that it’s my least favorite act…


~ by Micathius on May 29, 2012.

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