The Grand Work and more thoughts on beta…

I’ve been doing a lot of reading at work, and lately the push has been towards getting through the Warcraft lore books that I had not already read. Some of them I had started and never finished, some I had just never gotten around to. The problem with reading up on lore is that I’ve come to realized just how many errors I had in the last half or so of the short story I wrote a couple years back. I had been so proud…I’m sure the staff reading it thought it was utterly laughable.

So, there will be revisions done to “The Path of Knowledge,” but that will come after my current project of madness is completed because they go hand in hand. When I started the story, I had found a nifty non-official timeline on wikia that was a huge help, but now it just isn’t detailed enough. In short, I’m making the most comprehensive unofficial timeline that I possibly can. With any luck, it will be posted as pages on this blog when it is up to date.

At about 350 pages so far, it consists currently of the official short stories, the history book literature found within WoW, the rough timeline of events up to now including the new Jaina Proudmoore novel that is fur out in August and the release of Mists of Pandaria. What I’m working on are bits of background history of events and further into descriptions of happenings in the released books. Am I crazy? You bet!

Of course credit will be given where it is due. Though…I’m beginning to think that a history book, not as boring as a full college text, would be amusing at some point in the figure. Why am I doing this? To give potential Warcraft fan writers an easier resource than what I have been able to find so far. Then again, it might just be daunting to read through…

During my breaks on that monster, I decided to run around in Mists beta for a bit. I am seriously undergeared though between dungeon loading issues and just nothing dropping out of them for me when I can get into a run. I’m debating working on my hunter just to get his skinning up so I can get the shaman’s leatherworking up. Yeah I know it’s round about, long story involving really really wanting that 100 mount achievement, and giving up a smart profession to level another just for the mounts.

What I’ve come to enjoy about Pandaria is the cohesiveness between the areas, at least that I have seen so far. I realize that there are reasons why in the old world that there are sudden lines between areas, some being technology based and others solidly seated in lore. However, this is very aesthetically pleasing just wondering around. It just flows from one thing to the next.

Thinking back now, even though I didn’t know the story at the time, riding out of Swamp of Sorrows and into the Blasted Lands sure did have an effect, besides being blind due to color clash. It have a sudden feeling that something was wrong here, a slight unnerved sensation…Then riding further, the sudden valley in a ridge, and there it is, the Dark Portal. Bringer of death absolute, at least to the earth it stood upon. For me learning how to play during Burning Crusade, that was a pretty heavy moment.

I think the more lore I deal with, the more I wish people would stop being so concerned about the end game, about the gear and the gloating and the assholes that come with the package. I wish they could see the story, to know why it’s so important that they are killing certain characters instead of only being concerned for what loot drops at the end.

For those that complain that there isn’t enough stuff in the game, it’s because you’re missing a big part of it…just my opinion of course.


~ by Micathius on June 12, 2012.

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