Warcraft 3 and more lore reading…

This past week I knew I needed to get my laptop back up and running half decently as I was going to be heading out of town. I tend to only use it when I’m away from my desktop, and so it rarely gets updated. I don’t think I had even started it up since l was out of town last February, so there was a lot of updating to do, and installing a new mouse and all that fun stuff.

I figured since I was on a lore kick that it might be entertaining to play through Warcraft 3 again before I went out of town. The last time I played it, I wasn’t too familiar with extended lore, I was just after the story. This play through, I picked up on a lot more I think. Still enjoyable, that’s for sure.

However, at work this weekend I was trying to read through ‘Arthas: The Rise of the Lich King’ and find myself having a hard time focusing on it. Part of it is Arthas’ character in the first place…all of his anguish comes from the fact that he tried to jump his favorite horse in the whole wide world, but ended up killing it instead. Everything about his character is based on that fact alone. The second thing that I have a problem with is simply because I played Warcraft 3 this week. A lot of the dialog in the book is taken straight from the game. It would be less of a problem if I hadn’t just played the game again.

I don’t know, I don’t think I like this book as much as the others, the newer ones at least. The Lich King wasn’t a bad ass because of Arthas, he was a bad ass because of his powers and control over…well…damn near everything. Arthas was just a brat with guilt issues over doing a stupid thing and losing a dear pet…

I don’t know, I think I’ll be getting on with other things, maybe back to WoW for a bit…


~ by Micathius on June 18, 2012.

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