The Secret World…

The past couple weeks have been more of a blur than anything else. I had a trip out of town in which my car has been brutalized, so I’m writing from the shop to see if my ac will survive this summer. Came back from the trip and right into my best friend’s wedding, so limited time on the gaming.

I got my Worgen death knight through the fire festival achievements, got the flames I had missed on my shaman and called it good. I got the collectors edition of the Diablo 3 game book and haven’t even looked at it. I did finish up the storyline in Skyrim so I could pick up the new content, however I play on pc and won’t be seeing the dlc for a while. I just want to say to Microsoft: You know most of us playing on the pc are running your platform as well, or did you forget that you aren’t just xbox?

What I did do this week was get in on the early access play of The Secret World. For those who don’t know, this is Funcom’s newest mmo that I don’t think is really trying to break any records. It’s been in development for five years or so, and while the graphics may be dated, the gameplay is really interesting to me.

You play either an Illuminati, Templar, or Dragon battling the evils creeping into the world that the normal folk shouldn’t really be seeing. It doesn’t run on a level system persay, as your experience builds you get points to put into weapon and gear specializations, and passive and aggressive moves. Want to use a weapon, any weapon? Drop a skill point into it and off you go.

I am currently running a Dragon focused in blades and branching into Elementalist. Shock the hell out of things, then finish off with a good slicing. This leads into another aspect, the decks. Decks are pre-built specs that are exclusive to each faction. They pair two weapons with specific aspects and give you a string of moves and buffs that balance the high points of both weapons. Of course, when you finish a deck you are also rewarded with appropriate costumes to complete the look. Sadly, most of their clothing options are going to see you spending real money in their game store if you want them. It won’t bother me much, but I still think it is a bit underhanded of the company to put a price tag on so much of the customization when people pay full price for the game plus monthly fees…

Which starts my gripes on the game. While it has a lot going for it, I’m seeing a lot of things that were not addressed through beta and are now causing issues on live. I’ve only played up into the second mission area and there has been a handful of bugged/glitched missions that tend to mess up other missions down the line. Either things don’t spawn or too many of them spawn or things aren’t triggered right, whatever. These aren’t side missions mind you, but the main missions right under the head story that drives the whole thing. These were issues from beta that still haven’t been fixed. The other big one is just the griefing assholes that frequent mmo territory. It’s a new type of game, some people will dig it, other people will complain that you actually have to think about some of the missions and then ask what the answers are every fifteen seconds.

What I don’t appreciate is the idea that if you ask a question, any question, the immediate response is that you are stupid and need to go back to playing Warcraft. It’s the same elitist attitude that you get from any mmo, sad part is that we were seeing this from day one. And the world wonders why gamers are anti-social assholes…there isn’t so much the idea of trying to help others be good at whatever it is they’re doing, but that if you can do it better you should rub it in everyone else’s face and gloat.

If FunCom and get their crap under control, this could be a fun little number, but as it is now I find myself debating which game I want to play when I have the time. I also don’t know if it’s worth the time stalking the website waiting for fixes to known issues and double checking quests I’ve had to drop because my ‘dimension’ is borked for the millionth time.

I don’t know, guess time will tell.


~ by Micathius on July 4, 2012.

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