More Thoughts on The Secret World…

First off, no I haven’t forgotten about WoW, but I’m packing up to move and not really up to fully redownloading the beta client at the moment. I wasn’t thrilled when they made us do it during the Cataclysm beta and I’m even less thrilled now. It will happen, I’ve just got other things to do on my terrible connection right now.

If we do indeed get a release date as rumored shortly, I may invest the time, but this packing and moving thing has to come first.

I need to retract some of the things that I said in my last post. In my defense, I only had my Dragon at the time and had been mission focused over exploration. Also, minimal research outside of the game because I’m having enough fun in it.

I originally headed to London because of a mention of a bank system only available there…then I found the mother of all clothing stores. So, I humbly retract my previous rant on clothing choices, there’s quite a selection to toss ingame money at as well. Rather fond of the leather jacket and black and grey stylized pants, but there should be something to make anyone at least close to happy in there.

Also, the buggy missions that irritated me so much seem to be better, not sure if that’s because everyone has moved on so there aren’t so many people to bork it up, or if the patches are fixing things as they go on. I think perhaps I will send my Dragon to Blue Mountain when I have time this week. I’ve been redoing missions on The Savage Coast to get a few more upgrades before moving on, I’ve heard some nasty things about the next zone.

I am excited to move on though, I do want to see more of the content and start unlocking decks just to mess around. Getting the hang of using attacks that impair the target, then slamming them with strings of attacks that all take advantage and exploit those effects.

Yes, a little more challenging than WoW, but I’ve always said that there’s more than enough room in the world for more than one mmo…


~ by Micathius on July 17, 2012.

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