Playing with new toys…

So, a bit of a catch up game here. Since the last post, gaming got put to the side for a while. I moved into a new apartment, my mother came to visit, work was crazy, and I took an unexpected trip back home to get my car fixed before the air compressor decided to really do some damage. In between there have been a few spots though where I was able to catch a breather.

I decided to beat Darksiders before the second game came out. This did get accomplished, right before I found out that I would not be in town for the release of the second game. I’m not going to rant, but Best Buy got a few choice words when they double charged me for the game when they had meant to split the payment for the game and book. Why would they do that? Game got back ordered and the book got shipped out separate. The whole mess is cleared up now and I believe both boxes are waiting in the office for me. Think I know what I’m doing tomorrow…

As for the new toy….I have to give props to I think most of my shirts are from them now, and sometimes they run some killer deals. When I saw a Razer Nostromo go on sale for $35, I snagged it. My coworker calls it the ‘Not-a-Mouse’, and just about everyone who grabs it wants to think it’s a mouse. What it is, is a half keyboard with a scroll wheel and direction pad added on. Each key is programmable to whatever function you could think of, including macros. Plus, it’s not just for gaming. Any shortcut, any program, yes it’s that awesome.

I really wish I had this back when I thought it was a good idea to get that expensive ideazon keyboard with the exchangeable keysets…that I wasn’t able to use after six months. Idealy, for a WoW user at least, this would be great to map your action bars and whatever else to, makes everything right within reach. Right now for me, I’ve mapped all my common use buttons to it like bags, map, quests, so on, because I am also running a Razer Naga mouse. That’s the one with the twelve keys on the thumbpad, so my action bars are already handled.

This is a case where the more you use it, the more it grows on you. I found out tonight that my roommate was handed one by a friend who had tried playing with it and just never got comfortable with it. Now I get to set hers up and see what she thinks.

Of course this doesn’t mean you’ll never use your full keyboard, but if you aren’t chatting it up with people in game, it’s not much of an issue. Time will tell how smooth I can get all of this to roll, I’ve only had about a week to play with it so far.


~ by Micathius on August 21, 2012.

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