To the countdown…

I remember doing this a couple years ago for Cataclysm, and my how time does seem to fly. We are now one day away from Mists, only one day, so what are players up to?

I’m thinking about all the things I could have started on earlier to make things easier. How I could have mined all the materials to level my new blacksmith but just never got around to it. I did grab a full set of heirloom gear for my new monk, so at least that is something.

Going into the new expansion I nearly had an 85 of ever class on one server. As of tonight, the last one I needed to get up is at almost 69 and I think I’ll play it a bit in the morning,after work. I do have ten 85s between two servers to consider, but I think the shaman will be up first. Why not have my main get the honor of wandering the new mythic landscape first and foremost?

I was not too impressed with the first scenario up for trial this week. While there was room for great potential story wise, it just fell flat. I understand that they are supposed to be short and story driven, but even having read the book that this was based on…I wouldn’t have even seen the story. The book filled me with righteous indignation at what our supposed Warchief was doing, but there was none of that. In fact, Garrosh is nowhere to be seen. Most groups skip the end so fast that I’m not even sure if they explain why the Horde is trying to save some blood elf mage in the basement of the hold.

So who is he and why are you saving him? Lore time! When the threat of the Horde marching on Theramore was imminent, Jaina Proudmoore went to the governing body of the Kirin Tor for help. She sought to sway the generally neutral mages into joining the battle, and they agree on basis that to do nothing would cause more harm than to step in. To this end, a handful of mages were sent to Theramore to lend assistance, including their leader Rhonin.

Among their number was Thalen Songweaver, highly recommended by members of the Council of 6. A part of the Sunreavers, The blood elf had made a strong showing to his teachers. In the battle, he was sent to strengthen the northern gates to keep the Horde out, but was instead found to be a loyalist to Garrosh Hellscream. He weakened the gates and allowed for the attackers to break through. His duplicity was discovered by Jaina’s guard, and he was captured and sent for questioning in the hold.

Horde players are sent to free him, not all that thrilling. Of course, rather to be escaping with the mage than dead by the troops (as much of the attacking force actually was), or dead by the bomb a short while later. Now that I think about it, will Garrosh celebrate Songweaver as a hero, or will he remains just another cog? Questions questions…

Also coming out tomorrow is ‘Pearl of Pandaria,’ the new graphic novel following Chen Stormstout’s niece through who knows what. Of course, many people who would be reading it will be playing the game instead. I’ll have it next weekend to read at work when I can’t play, so that problem will be solved.

I was finally able to take down Deathwing on my main earlier tonight, and though I didn’t really get anything for it, it made me feel better after downing him on two different alts. So this is how the longest raid patch ever ends, finally.
The time of the mortals, the younger races, has finally come. Isn’t it ironic that the first thing we do away from the aspects is to wage war on a land that has been hidden for ages?

As always, see you on the other side!


~ by Micathius on September 24, 2012.

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