Vic, or Mica as she’s known now in the World of Warcraft universe, has been playing video games of various sorts since the late 80’s. She has been playing WoW since June of 2008, when some poor soul gave her enough birthday money to buy the game and decided the upgrade to wireless internet would be a good idea.

She hasn’t looked back since.

She doesn’t just play WoW however, only most of the time. The PS3 still gets a lot of use, though since Balder was built and added to the collection, there’s a lot of PC gaming going on. As of February ’12, her focus is split between maintaining her high rank enhancement shaman, beta testing Diablo 3, getting lost in Skyrim and half-heartedly working on art when she has a spare moment.

She also knows she needs to update more regularly, and thinks that writing in the third person gets a little ridiculous after a while…


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