WoW Contact Info

This list will be updated as I remember to come back to it, but my main toons will stay constant. If I think about it, I’ll also post what content they are working on.

Note: These are my current, being worked on characters. If you really want to keep in touch, hit me up for my realID.

Micathius, 90 Tauren Shaman, Enhancement/Restoration. Main toon. Running LFR, guild is currently stalled in raiding.

Draktherion, 88 Orc Hunter, Beast Mastery/Marksman.

Dagmantis, 90 Tauren Death Knight, Frost/Unholy.

Akuryuu, 85 Troll Druid, Balance/Feral Tank.

Mattaus, 85 Blood Elf Paladin, Retribution/Holy.

Richardbane, 85 Forsaken Warlock, Destruction/Demonology.

Walterkovacs, 86 Blood Elf Rogue, Combat/Subtlety. Has Fear and Vengeance.

Daylonebon, 85 Worgen Warrior, Fury.

Grunmann, 85 Troll Priest, Shadow. Bank alt!

Linkin, 86 Worgen Mage, Arcane/Fire.

Tiberon, 71 Pandaren Monk, Windwalker/Mistweaver.

Scarlet Crusade:
Dagmantis, 85 Worgen Death Knight, Frost.

Daylon, 60 Worgen Warrior, Fury.

Pavlik, 70 Draenei Mage, Fire/Frost.

Capharkness, 26 Human Paladin, Retribution.

Trayoth, 20 Tauren Priest, Shadow.

Raventhorn, 12 Night Elf Druid. Bank alt.


Grunmann, 55 Troll Hunter, Beast Master.

Littlebuddha, Undead Priest.


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